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Biographical Sketch for: Vitaly I. Khalturin

BORN: Aug 15, 1927 in Leningrad , USSR; Male. E-mail: < vkhaltur@ldeo.columbia.edu>

EDUCATION: M.Sc. in Geophysics, Univ. of Leningrad (1951). Ph.D. in Geophysics, Inst. Earths Physics (1967).

Head of Garm Seismic station (1951-56). Research scientist (1957-68); Leading scientist (1969-94). At Complex Seismol. Expedition of the Inst. Earths Physics;
Senior Research Staff Assistant (1994-2000) and Senior Research Staff Associate (2000-present) in Lamont Earth Observatory of Colombia University;
Central Asia Representative of GeoHazards International. (1996-present).

(1) The different form of predominant frequency-magnitude relation for weak and strong events discovered.
(2) Multichannel frequency selected stations (ChISS) introduced into practice of seismic observations (16 stations) and Military Seismic Monitoring System (5 stations).
(3) The attenuation of P and S spectra and Q (F) function were studied in several regions.
(4) The dependence of P and S wave spectra from magnitude studies in different regions.
(5) Travel time of main regional phases were studied up to 3,500 km.
(6) Regional variations and fine structure of spectral amplitude-distance curves were studied.
(7) The full blockade of Lg waves at Tibet and partial blockade at some regions were discovered.
(8) The Lg waves from deep Hindi Kush earthquakes were observed for the first time.
(9) The coda waves structure and attenuation in wide spectral range (40 hz 40 sec) and wide time interval (fr 5 to 10,000 sec) were estimated for many regions of FUSSR.
(10)The segment structure of code envelope caused by scattering in the crust and upper mantle were ascertained.
The Q(F) relation for different coda segment in many region were established.
(11)The pioneer studies of Lg/P amplitudes ratio using for events discrimination were carried out in first time:
(12)Spectral station corrections based on coda waves level were used for microzoning.
(13)The large amplitudes and long duration wave train which caused the most destruction in Leninakan can be predicted from small events observations.
(14)The magnitude-yield relation for chemical and nuclear explosions were studied worldwide. The upper level and regional variations of explosions seismic efficiency were found.
(15)The problem of seismic risk estimation and mitigation in Central Asia were studied. Two international meetings devoted to this problem were conducted.
(16)The historical data of the past devastating earthquakes in many regions were collected. Many errors, contradictions in victims number were found. The full catalog of destructive earthquakes with most reliable
estimation of human losses were compiled for China, Japan, India and other countries.

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